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You can profit from the 5 digits SMS Shortcode by activating a keyword for your business  for just N60,000 and Conquer 2016 financially.

Please Note. Our normal cost for SMS Shortcode setup is N80,000


To start with, have you ever received a text message on your GSM phone that for instance reads, ‘if you need a job, text ‘JOB’ to 35811, and have you been deleting those messages, please if you were deleting them before, please stop deleting those messages because you will soon be turning the table around by sending the same kind of messages to your prospects after reading this article and these messages you have been deleting will serve as a guide.
There are just four easy steps to get started and earn money from this lucrative and easy to join business. STEP 1. Set up your own Shortcode or Keyword. STEP 2. Prepare your campaign, that is, composing the text you want to send to your prospects and start sending (promoting your keyword or code). STEP 3.
Your prospects responds back to your code or keyword and you start making the money. It is that simple and nothing more.
Lets assume you have 50 respondents a day, I want to be very modest here and the keyword tariff is N50. That is, 50 x 50 = N2,500 a day. You can multiply that by 30 days in a month and it gives you N75, 000 monthly income without selling any product with the attendant stress.
Let us go a little further by you having 100 respondents a day, that doubles the income you make a day and monthly respectively. You can always do better than this analysis I have given above because with over 125 million GSM phone subscribers and still counting the market is so huge and with a little extra effort in promotion the sky could just be your starting point.
One of the bright sides in the Shortcode business is that, even if you have 1 million respondents to your code or keyword you will not be explaining the functions or workings of any product or service to anyone, most times all the respondents do not know you in person, you are just behind the scene, you quietly make money by your prospects responding to your keyword or code, it is a silent money maker.

Hey dear! You can Profit from this 5 digits business offer. It is as easy as ABC

Premium SMS Shortcode is a 2-way SMS messaging system.

The commercial industry is increasingly growing with the need to communicate with product and service prospects as well as create a loyalty system, hence most businesses invest irresistably into setting up platforms to enable their team effectively communicate and get first hand feedback from their customers and the public at large.

Uses of SMS Shortcode

Shortcode is one of the numerous forms of Mobile Marketing and it is a very powerful SMS marketing tool for various niches like,  SMS Competitions, SMS Voting (such as in reality shows), Text 2 Win promotions, SMS Quizes, Trivia Questions, Prize draws, Selling eBooks and Songs (Caller Tunes), Charity SMS donations, Validation of Pins or Scratch Card Numbers, Mobile Banking, eTicketing for all events, Redeemable mobile SMS vouchers, Study Abroad, Romance, Job Vacancies, Religious Messages, Information Services (e.g. Exam Information like JAMB, NECO, WAEC for Students, Addresses of places, Directions to specific places, Word Definitions, etc.), Weight Loss, Entertainment, Sports Betting, and so much more.  The list is endless, it just lies with your own imagination and you are in big business.